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Fun, Hot Chile Pepper Gear & Clothing
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Chile Pepper Lights & Decorations

Fun, Hot Chile Pepper Gear & Clothing

Hot pepper shirts and accessories make great gifts for you friends or for you to show you're a chile-head. Check out some of the great products that you can get on They've got everything from clothes to seeds to lights. Plus you can do the free shipping option on most items!

Peppers Books, Cookbooks, Gardening books, etc

The chile pepper t-shirts (above) may be fun, but I love to find new ways to use and cook with them them. Here's some of the great ones I've found over the years. The books range from barbecue cookbooks to chili cookbooks to chile encyclopedias. If you want a book about peppers then you've come to the right place!

Chile Pepper Lights & Decorations

Now this stuff is just crazy. Chile pepper lights are always a fun decoration for parties, but here's some more stuff for the true chile-heads.

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