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Peppers Thanks for visiting Chile peppers are a passion of mine. I'm here to dispel some incorrect data out there in the Chile world and to help spread my love of chiles.

Chile peppers are a wonderful and flavor-rich fruit that can and do grow about everywhere. They can be sweet, fruity, fiery and intense. Some chiles are only sweet and some can be all those things at once. As such, they're a great ingredient in many cuisines. They run the full gamut of the heat scale and can lend their rich, robust flavor into your favorite dishes.

Unfortunately there is a lot of incorrect information out on the web (names, hottest peppers, etc). It's completely understandable, but something that I'd like to help correct. I say it's understandable because some people get excited about a few of them like the Habaneros or the "Ghost Pepper" and the word spreads quickly. Unless you're a self-professed chile-head you may not know that there is a whole world of these little fruits out there just waiting to be discovered.

There are still a lot of sites out there that say the Habanero is the hottest pepper. Some are a little more up-to-date and say that the "Ghost Pepper" is the hottest. Did you know that is no longer true as well?! In fact, in 2011 the record for the world's hottest pepper has been beaten several times. Incredible! The newest, hottest pepper is nearly 3 times hotter than the Habanero - INCREDIBLE!

Other Favorite Sites

Here are a few foodie sites that I love to follow. These aren't paid links, but rather sites that have great information. Also, before you leave this site be sure to visit our other pages Shop for Pepper Gear, Peppers, Recipes with Peppers and the page explaining all about Scoville Heat Units. is a fun website that shows you how to make vanilla. This is something anyone can do at home, save some money AND make the best vanilla I've ever had!

I started making my homemade vanilla and vanilla sugar a few months ago and I love the smell of the vanilla beans. You can get a lot better flavor with the beans on here when you make it yourself. is a great website run by a friend of mine name Rusty. If you're a barbequer or want to learn how to grill or barbecue then go check out his BBQ Recipes. If you have to know my favorites are the Ribs, Smoked Thanksgiving Turkey and the best Prime Rib you've ever had in the world!

I think he still sends out weekly BBQ tips and tricks from the pros. I think most chile-heads love to BBQ, so I just thought I'd point this one out. If you don't know what you're doing or want to get better then check it out.

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